Destination Dreaming

Dreaming of places that make my heart fly, places that inspire creativity, places that rest my soul, places of adventure. So many possibilities. But there might just be that one place that I need right now.

If you have never left before, never flown away before, it can be a very daunting thought. What do you take? Which direction do you go? Where will you go?  When do you leave? 
Read about how Peata Ruadh made his plans and prepared to leave and go to sea.
Taking a trip on a boat is an amazing feeling. It is an adventure. It gives the opportunity to slow down. It brings all your senses alive. It touches your soul. It brings you very close to nature. You can take a boat trip to lots of stunning places to see puffins.
All aboard to see the puffins. This time to the Isle of May. On The May Princess.