This is me

Do you like to look at photographs of when you were a baby?

I like to look at this picture of me when I was a puffling. I was very small and fluffy, basically a round ball of fluff. I was grey and black with a very white tummy. I didn't even have a colourful beak. I so wanted a colourful beak. It made me quite upset and cross. I thought it looked boring and dull. I thought I didn't even look like a puffin! I didn't understand that all pufflings were balls of fluff  and only had a dark grey beak. Back then, If I could only have one wish it would have been to have a colourful beak. 

I learned that I just needed to trust in nature and wait for my adult beak colours.  I did get my colourful beak. It is splendid.